Gabriel F.


I found a groupon for this place $19 for an acupuncture session.  I am a firm believer in TCM and

other verified ancient methods.  

To give you a little background:

Through the course of this year I have noticed my energy levels have a dropped dramatically.  i’m a

34 year old male, and have been relying on startbucks, rockstar, monster, 5-hour energy, etc to make

it through the days.  Even so, those drinks haven’t been working as well as they did in the beginning;

and it seems silly to up the dosage again.

I had setup the appointment for a few days after my initial call.  In that time I got sick but still wanted

to have the session.  I let the doctor know I just wanted a general energy alignment.  He and the

assistant were very knowledgeable and their explanation of acupuncture was very straightforward.  

The experience was tranquil and relaxing–a very comforting level of care.  I felt great after the

session!  I wasn’t sure if it was because I had fallen asleep.  The rest of the day I felt great.  The next

day, my cold was gone and I didn’t need to take any energy drinks to make it through the day.  My visit

was two weeks ago and I am still feeling the benefits.  I haven’t had to drink any energy drinks since!

I recommend Hae In Acupuncture with the highest regard.


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