acupuncture clinic helps me

Ok. This place was quite lovely. So we are clear, this form of acupuncture focuses mostly on your

hands and feet and um, those needles can, will and do hurt. Not like, “I am going to die” type of hurt

but more like, “Dang, how many more do you have to do?” kind of hurt. I suppose they might be pretty

close, eh? Either way, I felt some kind of amazing afterwards and felt a clear change in well being

moments and days after the appointment. The actual doctor doesn’t speak English but his daughter is

in the room with him during your assessment and translates. During which he is observing all critical

details, i.e., skin, hair, tongue and making an assessment. Before you know it, the doctor has

assessed your issue and off you go to the exam room. Afterwards, the daughter sits down and

slightly, gently, but assuredly offers packages and return visits at a variety of rates. I can’t be mad at

that. All in all, a good visit and a good spot to help really create some energy momentum in the body.

It truly is a healing modality and that should be the primary concern.


from Highest V.

fountain of healing

This place is an amazing fountain of healing. Everyone here is so kind and the doctor is very

experienced in both placing needles and tuning into my health needs. I had never tried acupressure

treatment before and that was a great experience. I left feeling tingly and rejuvenated, like energy was

flowing throughout my body again. I will be returning for multiple follow up treatments.

from Nick B.