They are really sweet and friendly. Most of important thing is that doctor has amazing treatment. I had

my cronic lower and shoulder pain. Frist time I got a consult with doctor and it was good to know

about my body and oriental medicine. All make sense and I fully agree with that. After that I got a

acupuncture treatment around 30 min. They said if I got more than that with rest whole my body it

should be more better. I felt a sleep. Haha and then doctor gave me great treatment called meridian

chi acupressure. After that I can feel more energy and my head feel like really clear. It was so much

great experience. I will go and get to my sinus problem too. If you have problem with health you need

to go here right now!!

Mel B.


it was amazing experience’relax and I feel much better and calm when I did. They balance me. I

reccomend this place for everyone. I never feel the same and for sure 

I gonna come back!!

Jae Y.


Came here for my shoulder to my hand pain due to lots of overtime at work.

45 min service including massage and acupuncture with great atmosphere , the pain is completely


Definitely worth to try.

Ray P.


Great place. Very knowledgable. Total relaxation. I would highly recommend. Very clean.

Marie R.


Very affordable acupuncture. I called around and I got the best price here. They are very thorough

and professional. I recently had a neck injury from playing roller derby that has been causing me to

get migraines, and I’m 3 treatments in and the pain is definitely subsiding. Thanks!

Heather N.

I went with my boyfriend to try acupuncture for the first time and it was a great experience. They were

very friendly. I’ve dealt with chronic pain for years and after 1 treatment I did feel improvement and my

neck was less stiff. My boyfriend wanted to fix his snoring and it worked!! After just 1 acupuncture

treatment he snoring was cured and he hasn’t snored since, I was amazed. I plan on going back for a

series of treatments myself.



I was blown away by how awesome this place is! I was skeptical at first but ended up being

completely shocked at how well the acupuncture worked. I have a severe snoring problem that my

girlfriend is not all that happy about. After 1 adjustment I didnt snore any more! I was utterly shocked

and amazed. They are all very nice and so incredibly knowledgeable. I will definitely be back!

JongAm P.


I recently got injured while biking. After a few days of delay to get contact to my primary hospital, I

couldn’t wait until things were set up. So, I visited this nearby acupuncture clinic.

Hae In Acupuncture is very nice place to be there. They were very kind and friendly.   Because I have

to visit there after work, it was also plus for me that they open later than usual clinics.

I started to feel that my injury and pain were started to get better after a few days.

I recommend this clinic for their excellence of service and friendly atmosphere.


from JongAm P.

Annie H.


Great service. Some of the best acupuncture I have ever gotten. Ally is very sweet, hospitable, and

knowledgable and the doctor is very intuitive. I felt completely rejuvenated after my time. I wish I could

go everyday!

from Annie H.

Jonathan B.

Doctor Hae was excellent !!!

He balanced me!

His clinic is nice and clean!

Also his receptionist is very friendly and

helpful! I totally recommend this place for your acupuncture needs!


from Jonathan B.