Jose B.


Incredible! I was a horrible pains in my back and the Doctor Hae found the cause of this pains. I

needed just one sesion!

So, he balanced me!

I could ask him some questions about my habits.

I recomend it everyone!

Ingul L.


I wish I had started going here…last year… but I had tried acupuncture in chinatown and had a not-

good experience.

I often wake up with dull boring pains in my spine, and the muscles of my back feel rigid and sore. 

last 2 weeks ago..I lift up my heart…..haein acupuncture is so so so so good. Dr choi is so sweet and


It’s so amazing experience…very relaxed and comforting environment. They really listen to your

needs and their main concern is to see you relax. I loved it. 5 stars!!

Ryan K.


Great atmosphere, very knowledgeable and experienced doctor who knows exactly what he is doing,

and most importantly great service followed by very satisfying result!~ Don’t waste your time

searching others, this place will deliver everything you need to get healthier!~

Hussain S.


Extremely happy with the treatment i received. They took care in evaluating my ankle pain and

recommend a correcting regime. After the acupuncture treatment i opted for an accupressure

massage after which i felt much straighter and more energized. I will definitely be returning for more


Taylor H.


The most relaxed I’ve ever felt was during an acupuncture session here. I highly recommend it to

anyone who wants to try it, or anyone who’s already hooked. I’ll be back again soon!

Don M.


I went a couple days ago and it was my first time getting acupuncture!  I came in for back pain.  I had

acupuncture and a massage and it felt amazing.  My back felt better afterwards and it was very

relaxing.  Nice calm, friendly, and professional atmosphere.  I would recommend

Andrew S.


I went to Hae In Acupuncture back in June. It is a fairly new clinic where they opened in May. I’ve

done acupuncture treatments in the past but it’s been a while since I got the treatment. This clinic not

only just promotes health treatments but weight loss and skin treatment just by an acupuncture

treatment. The doctor and his assistant are really friendly and explained thoroughly about the whole

acupuncture procedure. The doctor even explained to me about the fundamental of Asian Medical

Treatment and Acupuncture. I decided to give a treatment a try since he has a lot of experience in this

field (over 30 years) and he knew my current physical and mental condition issues.

I was in a tough situation where I had a lot of mental and physical stress and also started to get

pimples on my face.  The doctor told me that he can help me treat my physical stress condition from

the acupuncture treatment. If you go to a hospital you have to go through the whole process and only

see temporary result. I’ve been taking their 10-times acupuncture treatment package to see the result.

The doctor applies acupuncture needles and gives a massage of where it needs to be cured. At first, I

couldn’t tell about my results, but after few weeks I realize I feel more energetic and my stress level

has definitely lessened. Even the pimples on my face has faded away after few weeks and today I

don’t see a single pimple coming out. The doctor gave me some advices on self-treatments that I can

apply on my daily life. I’ve been following his advice since that time and feel much better about my

physical and mental conditions.

Even though this clinic is new, the doctor and the staff are friendly and you can definitely trust his

acupuncture treatment. It is quite easy to find the location and parking is convenient. I highly

recommend for people who wants a physical treatment with great results. I even heard people who

are looking for weight loss have been seeing great results from this acupuncture treatment.

Jamie Heewon L.


I went to Hae In to get a face revitalization and it was amazing. The consultation that I received by

Ally was great. She knew what my problem areas were and she was able to tell Dr. Choi in order to

get the best results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Choi and Hae In for revitalization and other

massage therapy.

Benjamin Y.


I have a shoulder pain. I use computer for work all the time. Yes, I know what I need to do exercise.

but I coundn’t.

Last week I got a terrible pain. I can’t use right arm. It’s not working. I couldn’t work and tried to find

acupuncture in Koreatown. (When I was in Korea, I usually went acupuncture for pix my body when I

got a sick. I love it)

Hae in Acupuncture is just open. but Dr. Choi has  over 30 years career. I believe it and I went there

then he healed me. It’s simple.

Dr. choi listen my situation and asked me something. then, Dr. Choi explain me why I am sick. Sound

like oriental philosophy. sound good. It’s very helpful.

He laid me down and use niddle. I got a body massage from head to toe.

After all clinic I can use arm and type this review :)

I can say It’s Miracle niddle.

M.j. K.


The Best Acupuncture hospital in LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been having headaches for 2 years. 

It is a mix of Pressure and achy feeling

I have been visiting a lot of hospital and acupuncture clinic but they couldn’t help my headache out

but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hae in acupuncture!!!!!  Dr. Choi Simply find why I am sick and healed me simply

Trust me!!!! If anyone who need Acupuncture clinic!!   Be here and get healed!!!!!