Benjamin Y.


I have a shoulder pain. I use computer for work all the time. Yes, I know what I need to do exercise.

but I coundn’t.

Last week I got a terrible pain. I can’t use right arm. It’s not working. I couldn’t work and tried to find

acupuncture in Koreatown. (When I was in Korea, I usually went acupuncture for pix my body when I

got a sick. I love it)

Hae in Acupuncture is just open. but Dr. Choi has  over 30 years career. I believe it and I went there

then he healed me. It’s simple.

Dr. choi listen my situation and asked me something. then, Dr. Choi explain me why I am sick. Sound

like oriental philosophy. sound good. It’s very helpful.

He laid me down and use niddle. I got a body massage from head to toe.

After all clinic I can use arm and type this review :)

I can say It’s Miracle niddle.


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